Press Release

  • Jain Tiffin Services in Greater Toronto Area: A Wholesome Culinary Experience

    Shriji Catering and Tiffin Service - Jain Tiffin Service Β  In the heart of Toronto's bustling multicultural landscape, the demand for sp...
  • Some Points About Indian Tiffin Service

    The tradition of packing lunch in tiffins is rooted in Indian culture, and the box is considered a portable, healthy, and affordable lunch. In Indi...
  • Join Us at the Taste of India Food Festival in Toronto

    The Taste of India Food Festival celebrates Canada's multiculturalism, bringing communities together through a shared love for food. We are sure that youΒ enjoy trying new foods, especially Indian Food, and want to experience the largest Indian Food Festival in North America.
    So, mark your calendars, invite your friends and family, and join us at the Taste of India Food Festival in Toronto!

    We’ll be there, waiting for you!