Free Delivery within GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for up to 100 Guests

Catering Service

At Cater Stash, we source some of the best catering services across the town and serve your guests the perfect catering service to make any events, ceremonies, or parties special.

Special Event

Whether it’s a simple picnic or an event dinner for up to 100 guests, let Cater Stash source you a perfect catering service to make your event special.

Poojas, Ceremonies or Katha

Are you looking for catering services for pooja or religious ceremonies? We can cater food for up to 50 guests!

House Parties

Organizing a house party at your place, leave the stress of catering food aside. Allow us to cater to your guests.

Gujarati Food
Punjabi Food
South Indian Food

Cater Stash

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