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Please note that cholebhatureca is closed on Mondays, so you cannot place an order for that day. If you order a weekly or monthly tiffin service from them, please note that you will not receive tiffins on Mondays.


Basic veg: • 4 Rotis • Dry Sabzi (12 oz)

Basic Curry:: • 4 Rotis • 1 Veg Curry (12 oz)

Premium::• 6 Rotis: • 1 Veg Sabzi (12 Oz) • 1 Curry (12 Oz)


Mon - Fri only

Meal Plan

Trial - 1 Day

Weekly - 4 Days/ 5 Days

Monthly -16 Days/ 20 Days


Please note that Extra Roti, Dal, Rice and Sabzi need to be ordered with meal packages only. Separate orders of only extras will not be processed/considered.


Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Thornhill, Brampton


Delivery between 3 PM - 9 PM*

*Delivery timings might get affected depending on traffic conditions.

CholeBhature.ca Premium Punjabi Veg Tiffin Service

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