1. Why should I order from Tiffin Stash?

Tiffin Stash enables you to explore and order Tiffin in your area. You can choose your trial or subscription plan, delivery, or pick-up facility, from our Tiffin partners.

  1. Why can’t I place the order for the same day?

To ensure our partners get enough time to manage the orders efficiently, it is mandatory to place an order a day prior (Before 7 pm).

  1. Do you provide customization options?

Yes, each partner will be able to customize their menus to fit your requirements to the best of their abilities. Please let us know at checkout what you would like to customize in the space provided.

  1. Can I cancel/pause my subscription for any reason?

Yes. You can pause or cancel your subscription with an advance notice of 24 hours from your delivery/pick up time. We will credit the balance amount in your Stash Wallet. You may use this amount to place an order on future date or from another partner.

  1. Can I order a trial Tiffin?

Every partner’s subscription plans are different. You will be able to see the option of “Trial” in frequency section on the listing page of our tiffin partners who provide trial tiffin.

  1. Can you deliver my tiffin?

Currently, delivery and pick-up option varies for each partner depending on the facility they provide. The options are provided on the partners page for you to choose. We will soon come up with Delivery options for partners who do not have the said facility.

  1. What is your delivery or pick-up timings?

Delivery timings are listed by our vendor partners on their respective page. They are different for each partner. Please refer to the Tiffin partners page to understand the delivery or pick-up timings.

  1. Does the price include taxes and delivery charges?

All prices mentioned on our website are inclusive of taxes. You will see the breakup on the check out page. Delivery charges varies for each partner and the same will be applied during checkout.

  1. Why should I place a Tiffin orders through Tiffin Stash instead of directly with your partner?

The advantage of using our platform is as follows:

  • We provide customer service - should you have issues with the quality of the tiffin or the service, etc. We make sure the problems are handled and solved efficiently and quickly from our end.
  • We also verify the partner so you can place an order with more awareness.
  • You will also be getting Stash Reward points which you can redeem to order free Tiffin from us. Refer <page> for more details.
  • We will also be coming up with delivery option for all partners which is not something offered by all our Tiffin partners.
  1. How can I communicate my food allergies?

If you have any food allergies please let us know at checkout in the space provided, and the same information will be conveyed to the respective partner. 

  1. What are the preferred payment methods?

We accept email money transfer, debit/credit cards or Paypal payment method.

  1. Does my subscription auto renew?

No, your subscription will not auto-renew. Once your subscription of weekly or monthly ends, you will have to place a fresh order again.  

  1. Do you deliver every day or once a week for the whole week?

The food is freshly prepared by our partners daily and delivered to you every day as per your subscription plan.

  1. Can I order tiffin on the weekend?

Yes, some of our partners have the option for ordering tiffin including/during weekends as well. You will be able to see the available days on their page. Therefore, please make sure to check and select the right option (weekly, 6 days week or 7 days week plan) while placing the order.

   15. Why do I not see any menu information on most of the kitchens? 

Sorry, we do not get the exact menu from the vendor. That's because, unlike restaurants they do not have a menu to choose from. The menu for the day is fixed and usually depends on what fresh and seasonal vegetables is available. The menu may also change and hence they do not disclose the same.

   16. Why can I not get the tiffin delivered upstairs to my apartment / condo?

Sorry, our drivers will not be able to deliver upstairs. Unlike other apps, we do not charge $7-$10 delivery/service fee and hence, our drivers carry bulk tiffins for delivery. If they wait for elevators or spend more time at stops, they will fail to meet the timing we commit. Hence, we urge you to share the delivery instructions like - "call when they arrive, leave it at concierge, text when they deliver etc".. Hope this helps.

   17. Can I get the delivery at a certain time?

Sorry, our drivers will not be able to detour from the given route and prioritize/deprioritize any stop. Our drivers pick up all tiffins and then start the delivery which is optimized route by system. Other food delivery apps charge you $7-$10 delivery & service fee and hence, they pick up your food and deliver it you.

   18. Why is there such a long time range in delivery?

Our delivery range is anywhere between 4 to 5 hours - As it is long distance delivery. You must be living in downtown, mississauga or etobicoke but your tiffins are coming from different location. The food is cooked and packed in the afternoon and our drivers pick it up and starts delivering from the pick up location. All our routes are optimized in a way to reach you and other customers within the given time range. Now the time range depends on how many stops are there from the start till your location. During the trial order you will get an idea of your actual delivery time and we try our best to maintain that time range +/- 30 minutes.