Celebrate Diwali with TiffinStash

Diwali Collections - Pre Order for 10th Nov 2023


Diwali Special Meal

This Diwali, we bring such creamy and chatpat options you might find yourself wanting to order everything in one go!

Kaur's kitchen

Diwali Special Thali

Don't miss on Diwali Special Thali: Aloo Puri or Puri Aloo and Halwa, your favorite, just the way you like it.


Diwali Special Box

Step into the TiffinStash world of Indian Chaat, and you'll feel like you've landed onto the streets of India.


Diwali Special Platter

Experience the vibrant flavors and traditions of South India this Diwali with authentic and mouthwatering platter

Diwali Collections - Available to order now


Diwali Sweets

With so many options, explore the Milky and Sweet Diwali Sweets collection by Tiffin Stash.


Diwali Snacks

Discover a collection of crisp and crunchy Diwali snacks by TiffinStash, with so many optionsย toย chooseย from!

Why do we eat sweets during Diwali?

Mithai, the traditional name for Indian sweets, holds a sacred place in our culture. It symbolizes purity and is offered as a gesture of warm welcome to friends and family during festivals. A diverse array of flavors and types of sweets is a must at every celebration, and particularly on Diwali. Explore our unique Diwali Mithais including Gujjia, Gulab jamun, Coconut barfi, Besan or Flour laddoos, and other Sweet Treats.