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Tiffin Stash – Exclusive Tiffin Service in Scarborough

Tiffin Stash brings you an exclusive Indian tiffin service in Scarborough that delivers home-style fresh food to your doorstep. Our Punjabi and Gujarati tiffin service in Scarborough has delicious thalis and other freshly cooked meals ready to eat.

Some of the best vendors and tiffin services in Scarborough have partnered with us and are committed to delivering you quality food prepared with quality standards. Every meal is prepared with special care that ensures 100% health and wholesomeness.

We have a special menu available on our website through which you can place your order for ready-made and wholesome customized meals for any event or occasion. Our commitment is to deliver your order on time, right to your doorstep.

Delivery Available Throughout Scarborough

We are a tiffin service in Scarborough with a responsive supply chain that ensures timely fresh food delivery. Your meal will be guaranteed free of preservatives and easily beat any pre-cooked or frozen desi food.

Partner Program in Scarborough

Tiffin Stash allows you to start your tiffin service by benefitting from our partner program in Scarborough. Visit our “Partner Us” page to register yourself now.

Reward Points

Customers can earn reward points with every order as Tiffin Stash brings an all-new point redeeming system. Now with every sign-up, you get certain “Stash Points” that earn you discounts, and you can save these points for a larger value in future orders. There is no expiry date on these reward points.

Place your Order Now

Tiffin Stash serves hundreds of customers daily by bringing them quality home-style desi food. With a blend of spices and the right proportions, we ensure a mouth-watering food that you will love.

So, what are you waiting for? Start ordering no and enjoy wholesome and delicious Indian-style cooking.

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