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Why is there such a long time range in delivery?
How can I communicate my food allergies?
Why should I place a Tiffin orders through Tiffin Stash instead of directly with your partner?
Does the price include taxes and delivery charges?
What is your delivery or pick-up timings?
Can you deliver my tiffin?
Can I order a trial Tiffin?
Can I cancel/pause my subscription for any reason?
Do you provide customization options?
Why should I order from Tiffin Stash?
Can I get the delivery at a certain time?
Why can I not get the tiffin delivered upstairs to my apartment / condo?
Why do I not see any menu information on most of the kitchens?
Can I order tiffin on the weekend?
Do you deliver every day or once a week for the whole week?
Does my subscription auto renew?
What are the preferred payment methods?
Why can’t I place the order for the same day?
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